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Jul 12, 2020, 23:12

2020 Events Postponed


I hope that you have received the Special Edition of the “Gold Medal Classroom” which went out this past week with the first in a series of columns and feedback from our team here at CAFÉ.

In addition, we are asking for Deans and Directors around the U.S. (and others!) to share their ideas as to how best to handle culinary arts instruction during this crisis.

Please believe that we are exploring as many options to help you at this end of the school year as well as being committed to helping your students, your industry partners, and your own families survive this turmoil.


  • Provide ideas and resources via the “Gold Medal Classroom, not only in special editions, but also in our 11 issues per year
  • Continue to plan for events in 2021
  • Continue to host a website, which is totally devoted to you, the culinary/baking/pastry/hospitality educator and leader.
  • Recognizing 2020 Award winners via our four categories: Educator of the Year; Entrepreneurship Award; Innovation Award; and Green Award. (Deadline has been extended to May 1, 2020) Go to xxxxxxxxxxxxx for application information.
  • Postpone the 8th annual Deans and Directors Retreat until mid-March 2021. Same location (New Orleans) and similar focus and format.
  • Postpone the 16th annual CAFÉ Leadership Conference until June 2021. Same location (Portland, Maine) and similar focus and format.


We are hoping to roll out some news ideas via our one-day events “A Taste of CAFÉ” which will take place starting in the fall of 2020. Here will be some fun, affordable ways to spend a day at a local college host, focusing on a variety of skills and industry challenges. Stay tuned for the schedule to be announced!


If you have already signed up for the June 2020 Leadership Conference, you will have a choice: ask us to roll over your registration to the 2021 event OR ask for a full refund.

We are hoping that we can work with our sponsors for 2021 as well as continue this incredible build-up of interest to come to beautiful Portland Maine in June!

Please wait for notice from our CAFÉ office asking you to respond with your choices. We will be working hard to deal with the credit card companies as well as cutting checks in the office for those who wish not to “hold their place” in 2021!

Thank you all for your support over these almost-20 years of CAFÉ working with and for you. We will continue to do what’s needed as well as what’s fair. Sincerely, Mary Petersen, President, CAFÉ


  • Apply for an AWARD here!
  • Become a member of CAFÉ here!
  • Take some time to go into our website to check out articles and offers which you haven’t had time to do before! Our industry partners have some extraordinary materials which you can find via our Industry Resource page here.
  • Consider being a host of “A Taste of CAFÉ” in the fall/early spring of 020/2021 Information can be found here.

Sincerely, Mary Petersen