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McCormick® Releases 22nd Edition of the Flavor Forecast®

McCormick® Releases 22nd Edition of the Flavor Forecast®

02 May 2022

Three trends shed light on the way chefs cook, flavor and eat.

By McCormick® and Company
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McCormick® unveiled the 22nd Edition of the Flavor Forecast®, the brand’s yearly report on the latest trends influencing the way chefs cook, flavor and eat.

This year’s edition showcased the nuance, complexity and passion that goes into a perfect bite. The first trend noted was “Time as a Luxury Ingredient,” which looks at the investment, savoring and saving of time through cooking. The second focus area was “Plus Sweet,” which notes a shift in sweetness from the spotlight to supporting role. Finally, the edition shares Food Stories celebrating the power of women in food and flavor. These trend areas were developed by an extensive, year-long research process involving flavor experts across five worldwide regions.

  • Time as a Luxury Ingredient highlights time as an irreplicable and precious ingredient, after periods of isolation and reflection have put the value of time into perspective. Many are rethinking the ways they use time in food, whether investing it to build flavor or finding smart shortcuts to spend quality time outside the kitchen. Click here to see featured recipes.feature mccormick photo two
  • Plus Sweet looks at how sweetness finds new dimensions through subtle and unexpected flavor combinations. Consumers are moving away from overly sweet tastes and incorporating a symphony of other flavors to achieve surprisingly balanced results. Click here to see featured recipes.
  • Food Stories recognizes both a flavor and the story behind it. From professional chefs and restaurant operators to the grandmothers passing down recipes to keep generational techniques alive, this year’s food story celebrates the power of women in food and flavor in a contemporary way.

Egyptian Street Food with Iman Moussa
Iman Moussa is the owner and operator of Koshary Corner (Clarksville, Md.), a vegan fast-casual concept with a focus on Egypt’s national dish: the Koshary bowl. Koshary Corner was founded with a progressive vision to spread compassion for the planet through plant-based cuisine and better the world one Koshary bowl at a time. Iman shows her unwavering commitment to this mission through Koshary Corner’s partnerships with local food charities and the employment of immigrant and refugee women. Click here to read her story.

Indian Date Night with Monica Saxena
After spending decades in the tech and finance industry, Monica Saxena currently owns and manages aRoqa, a bold restaurant reshaping the boundaries of Indian cuisine in New York City. Located in the heart of Chelsea, aRoqa celebrates regional Indian flavors through small plates in a romantic and contemporary setting. The restaurant was recognized by the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years for its inventive dishes and was recently nominated as one of the 50 most resilient restaurants in New York City. Click here to read her full story.

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Photos courtesy of McCormick® and Company.