CAFE Events

May 25, 2022, 16:12

2022 CAFÉ Events

We are publishing our monthly e-zine, “Gold Medal Classroom” which has features and columns all directed to keeping culinary educators linked to the foodservice industry.

We are producing a series of CAFÉ Talks Podcasts featuring foodservice professionals and other experts who talk about topics ranging from Cajun food to soul food, from wine to coffee, to being a flavorist or a futurist and more!

We launched short webinar videos called Coffee with CAFÉ which will help you keep up to date with trends. Look for these on our YouTube Channel CAFEMeetingPlace.

We continue to are explore as many options to help you during this school year as well as being committed to helping your students, your industry partners, and your own families survive this turmoil.


  • Providing ideas and resources via the “Gold Medal Classroom, not only in special editions, but also in our 11 issues per year.
  • Planning for events in 2022:
    Deans and Directors Retreat, June 22, 2022         
    Leadership Conference, June 22 -24, 2022
  • Hosting a website, which is totally devoted to you, the culinary/baking/pastry/hospitality educator and leader.

  • Recognizing 2022 Award winners via our five categories: Educator of the Year; Entrepreneurship, Community Outreach; Technology; and Green/Sustainability Award. (Deadline April 1, 2022) Go to for application information.


  • Combining the 8th annual Deans and Directors Retreat with the annual CAFÉ Leadership Conference.  New Date:  June 22, 2022.

  • Planning the 16th annual CAFÉ Leadership Conference in June 2022. Same location (Portland, Maine) and similar focus and format, including Master Classes.


  • Apply for an AWARD here!
  • Become a member of CAFÉ here!
  • Take some time to go into our website to check out articles and offers which you haven’t had time to do before!
  • Check out our industry resource page which has some extraordinary materials for your use here.
  • Listen to a CAFÉ Talks Podcast (and check out the lesson plans) here.

Sincerely, Mary Petersen