CAFE Talks Podcast

Aug 17, 2022, 18:53
CAFÉ Talks Ep. 44 – Teaching, Training & Lifelong Learning

CAFÉ Talks Ep. 44 – Teaching, Training & Lifelong Learning

Jake Brach, Chef

There is no greater calling, there is no task more important, and there is no objective more rewarding for a chef than to teach, train, and mentor. Chefs spend their careers, sometimes unknowingly, helping others build the technical and life skills necessary to be successful. This is part of the job – quite possibly, the most important part of the job. Those chefs who are most impactful are the ones who create learning environments wherever they go – these are the chefs who truly make a difference.

Join CAFÉ Talks Podcast for a very interesting interview with Chef Jake Brach, currently the trainer and community liaison for Rich Products in Buffalo, New York. His career includes time with Charlie Trotter, Charlie Palmer, and Delaware North as chef and director of culinary training – the role that brought him to Rich Products for the past 20 years. Hear his thoughts on creating a life-long learning environment.