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Online Education’s Remarkable Moments

Online Education’s Remarkable Moments

04 June 2020

Educators share surprising and sometimes funny moments during online classes.

By Lisa Parrish, GMC Editor

I asked instructors about their surprising, remarkable or funny stories from the past few months of instructing online. Many silly moments came from unexpected family members and pets sauntering into video frames. Other fun times occurred with instructor cooking mishaps. Although one educator commented that watching unexpected moments helped students feel more engaged as they learned from real moments.

Some instructors commented about their students’ bravery and courage when sharing feelings about the pandemic. And, embarrassing describes one student’s reaction when that person’s naked roommate walked through the room.

Many fall online education syllabi will now contain video conferencing rules including dress requirements, decorum rules, how to show themselves during meetings as well as when it is appropriate to turn off and on video feeds. One instructor said she suggested students turn off their video screens, leaving the screen black with just their name, when connectivity became a problem. However, it was telling that at the end of class some students with black screens did not leave the meeting and all that could be seen was their lingering names after everyone had signed off.

John Noble Masi faculty member at Florida International University shared this remarkable story about his students and their zest for class: “It is amazing what students do when you give them the tools and inspiration. There were several students that took their assignments to heart and prepared the assigned recipes, not only for themselves, but for their families. They would post elaborate table settings, serve the dishes to their whole families with wine accompaniments. They would then not only submit those assignments via our online Canvas platform, they would also post to social media sites and tag the instructor and the program. These posts could not make us any happier.”

Instructor Aaron Guerra added, “It has also made me reflect deeply on my instructors and mentors and how grateful I am for how much effort they put in to making me a better me, cook and chef.”

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